Still Standing

07:44 min
Producer: The Educational Video Center’s Youth Organizers Television (YO-TV) Program

Winner of the Jury Award


More About Still Standing from Producer EVC Youth Organizers Television (YO-TV)

In December 2005, the EVC Youth Organizers Television (YO-TV) crew began interviewing Katrina evacuees living in temporary housing in hotels in Queens, NY. In February 2006, the crew organized a trip to New Orleans to meet with survivors there, document the aftermath of Katrina six months later, and to contrast the experience of survivors in New York City and in New Orleans.

Still Standing is an intimate portrayal of the challenges faced by Hurricane Katrina survivors six months after the storm. Ms. Gertrude, a determined New Orleans homeowner and grandmother, travels regularly from temporary housing in Houston, TX to what remains of her home. Caught in the midst of a real-estate frenzy without insurance money or federal assistance, Ms. Gertrude fights for the right to rebuild. Her story reveals familiar issues in urban American communities: the neglect of poor and minority neighborhoods, the inadequacy of public assistance to provide long-term solutions, and the struggles necessary to make positive change.

Ines Morales, one of the original six youth producers of Still Standing, returned to New Orleans in September 2006 to interview Ms. Gertrude Ross and to document the fact that her house had been bulldozed since the crew’s original interview with Ms. Gertrude. Ines went on to edit this new 8-minute cut of Still Standing that incorporates the new footage. EVC is now working closely with the New York Solidarity Coalition with Katrina/Rita survivors to distribute this new cut and screen it widely to encourage viewers to take action and support the organizing and rebuilding efforts of survivors.


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