The Apollos

06:00 min
Director: Nick Parker, Jazmin Jones
Producer: Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)

Winner of the Fair Use Award


More About The Apollos from Director Nick Parker

My role in the making of The Apollos was primarily focused on expressing our shared vision. Jazmin’s role was to formulate a coherent yet beautiful story out of many lengthy interviews. We both had an equal part in the development of the story and how the story was being presented. We collaborated in joining our qualities as filmmakers to produce a balanced piece of film work. We both brought different ideas to the table but the whole process was positive due to our professional and personal compatibility.

More About The Apollos from Director Jazmin Jones

The collaboration with Nick worked out nicely because we were able to use both of our strengths to make the documentary happen. Nick used his gift for finding stories and telling stories (as evidenced by his appearance in the film) and brought this amazing story to us. I took his idea, and proposed a story structure and editing strategy. This film was a true collaboration.

More About The Apollos from Producer BAVC

The Apollos is about the struggle of a high school senior class to pass a bill making Martin Luther King’s birthday a nationally recognized holiday. The idea behind The Apollos came from us wanting to increase youth involvement in social issues, so we decided to use a powerful example. By combining the different interviews into one powerful story we created a non-traditional hybrid interview style to show the union of new and old ideas working towards the same goal. Hopefully today’s youth will learn from The Apollos and flex that metaphoric bicep in today’s adult run society. We want youth around the world to know they too are world citizens and have a voice. USE IT!


human rights, international, media, politics / government, racial justice, youth, Media That Matters 7,
Creative Commons License: Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivative Works


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